Entegro Kft

About us in brief


Entegro Ltd. was established more than 25 years ago as a business company owned by Hungarian individuals. From the very beginning, we have paid special attention to the reliable expertise of our employees and their continuous professional training.


Based on the feedback we have received over the past two decades and the evaluation of our ISO 9001 satisfaction measurements, we can say that our customers consider us to be a predictable, multivendor IT company.

As part of our commitment to quality, our operational services are based on the ITIL framework of rules, for which we operate an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system to ensure predictable and efficient performance.

Thanks to prudent management, we have always ended the past years with a positive result – ensuring one of the basic conditions for participation in public procurement procedures. Entegro Ltd. has also been included in the list of tenderers that meet the security requirements as a result of the national security audit carried out in accordance with Article 12 (1) of Government Decree 218/2011.


Based on the experience gained by our company and the practice of our professionals, the focus of our strategy is to compete independently on more and more large projects. We hope that with our services, the professionalism and reliability of our experts, we can be involved in the development of IT in the country as widely as possible.