Full IT services

Design, Implementation, Operation

Today, no company can operate without cost-effective and reliable IT systems. We specialise in the design, development and operation of these systems. We can help you in the following areas:

  • Systems Integration
  • IT systems assessment and infrastructure design
  • IT project planning, design and implementation
  • Implementation of cloud services
  • IT Outsourcing, round-the-clock operation (0-24/365)
  • Networking

Systems integration

Entegro Ltd. provides IT services with complete IT solutions, turnkey systems installation and aims to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

When is it worth to involve external help in your own system?

  • You use a number of internal systems that are not interconnected and coherent
  • Following a merger or consolidation of several companies
    • to create a fast and efficient single system
    • to create a central system
  • If your colleagues cannot work most efficiently using existing tools
  • To add new solutions and systems to your existing system that have not been used before
  • Want to make cost-effective and optimal use of new technologies, with a particular focus on cloud-based solutions

Our versatile qualified professionals with manufacturer certifications, more than one and a half decade of experience, extensive foreign and domestic supplier network, our internal quality assurance system are the guarantee that our services are always provided to the highest standards, using the most modern tools and methods.

IT systems assessment, infrastructure planning

An IT systems survey is a review of your IT system and a picture of its structure, operation and current status. A summary document is then produced of the system review, with a particular focus on the system’s weaknesses and bottlenecks.

Following the survey, we will define and refine the IT strategy to be followed in consultation with the client.

Planning, implementation and full implementation of IT projects

Based on the results of the consultation, we undertake the detailed design and implementation of the envisaged system, as well as the full project implementation. Our specialists with expertise in a wide range of technical fields are available for the design and implementation in the following main areas:

  • Server services – whether Windows or Linux based – HW/SW design, delivery, implementation
  • Storage and backup environments design and implementation
  • Design and implementation of central infrastructure services, including in particular directory, mail and file management
  • Centralised, intelligent print control with personal identification in a paper-efficient manner
  • Design and implementation of virtualised environments
  • Exploring and implementing cloud services

Other tasks required during the implementation, such as design, implementation and commissioning of the machine room, necessary power, uninterruptible power supply and fire protection systems.

Implementation of cloud services

Our cloud services business is primarily focused on Microsoft cloud services. In this context, we can provide full support in the following service areas:

  • Design and implementation of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services
  • Planning and implementation of Microsoft Azure services.
  • Adapting custom-developed applications to the Azure environment, designing the necessary services, providing developer consultations on demand

IT Outsourcing, round-the-clock operation (0-24/365)

We provide our operational services to our customers through our own 0-24 hour customer service. This service covers everything from server infrastructure to endpoint users, and can be provided on an ad hoc or ongoing on-site basis.


We design the networks required for the operation of IT and telecommunication systems, and carry out the construction and extension of physical networks. As part of this work, we undertake the necessary coordination with the TELCO service providers concerned and the monitoring of the commissioning.