Transport informatics

Ticketing, Travel information, Vehicle management

Ticketing is no problem when fixed or on the move

Ticket and pass vending machines (TVM)

In today’s world, we need to be able to offer our customers and passengers the possibility to buy different products every minute of the day. A good solution is the ALMEX range of ticket vending machines that our company offers.

Vending Machine (TVM) Sales Applications

A vending machine is only worth what the sales application running on it can deliver to our customers. We have been working on this element of sales systems for over 10 years. Based on this experience, we can build any application you need.

Remote supervision and operation of vending machines (TVM)

Every system is only as strong as its weakest link. With this motto in mind, we offer complete monitoring applications to accompany the ticketing systems we supply. As part of our continuous (0-24) monitoring solution for our contracted partners.

Installation and operation of on-board bus equipment

Modern buses and coaches are equipped with a wide range of IT tools. In this context, our colleagues ensure the installation and operation of a wide range of devices, from GPS-based vehicle tracking and monitoring systems to on-board ticketing systems.